Coolwave is a Dutch company whose offices are located in the Netherlands (HQ) and in Ireland. While Coolwave's services are covering the major part of West-Europe  Coolwave Communications is a fully owned subsidiary of the Imagine Group, based in Ireland and represents the Wholesale division of Imagine.  The Total Communication experience envisioned by Coolwave Communications BV is brought to fruition by the Services Environment, an open, IP-based, modular architecture on which a wide variety of call completion, messaging and content services can be hosted.

Through cable, and other service providers Coolwave can increase revenues, strengthen customer loyalty. At Coolwave we provide Carrier Grade IP/VOIP and TDM. We also provide full VOIP-TDM integration. Coolwave Communications BV will utilize the latest VOIP and TDM technology/partnerships to delivering services in the following:

    Origination Services

  • Special number (0900/0800), Indirect Access Services, and Geographic number services throughout Europe.

  • Wholesale Termination Service

  • Full Pan-European Telecommunication Service both national and International services.

    Professional Services

  • Number management and porting, technical expertise, and managed delivery services.

    Wholesale Service

  • Full Pan-European Telecommunication Service. Customer provides Customer experience, brand, and distribution.

Meeting Standards

Coolwave built an efficient network utilizing and effectively "sweating" existing assets together with partnerships to provide the quality, flexibility, features, and speed of delivery that meets a high level standard for our customers.

Pan-European Networks

Our core competency is the ability to package its
Pan-European network and services and offer a credible alternative to incumbent companies wanting to market, sell, and distribute to business / consumers voice and content services.