Overall Benefits

Coolwave has developed long term partnerships with carriers and regulators globally and has built an impressive network enabling origination services in many countries.  Coolwave’s current capabilities cover geographic, national and toll free number ranges across Europe and is rapidly extending this footprint to cover the whole of EMEA, Asia, the Americas and the Pacific Rim.

At Coolwave we maintain close relations with local regulators and service providers, which enable us to provide new area codes rapidly on request. These relationships also mean that we react quickly to local market changes which is vital to all of our customers to remain at the forefront of their relevant commercial enterprises.

Where possible, Coolwave owns the network and switching infrastructure, appropriate licenses and number ranges, giving it full control of end-to-end service. Elsewhere, Coolwave has  long-term contracts and service-level agreements with  local Tier1 carriers. Coolwave only provides services in countries with stable regulatory frameworks, ensuring long-term service continuity.

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